Massachusetts Community Solar Landscape

How community solar availability in Massachusetts is controlled and the policies in place that ensure low-income accessibility.

Policies & Regulations

Chapter 75 from Acts of 2016

Established the Solar Massachusetts Renewable Tariff (SMART)

This bill creates:

  • a stable solar market at reasonable ratepayer costs
  • a declining incentive framwork and competetivive procurement model to easily estimate program budget and achieve project goals
  • unique incentive rates for diverse installation types and sizes including unique community-shared solar facilities, low-income solar facilities and municipal or other governmental entity-owned solar facilities
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Department of Energy Resources 225 CMR 20.00

The SMART program regulatory docket
Guidance for the implementation of the SMART program, created after the passage of Chapter 75 of Acts of 2016. The program was launched in 2018 and updated in 2020
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Massachusetts Climate Roadmap

MA climate bill that included revisions to MA solar policy to increase renewable energy access to low-income and minority neighborhoods
Ensures that any new regulatory process for solar incentive programs provides equitable access to all MA residents.
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SMART Program

Low Income Inclusion Policies

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