Community-led Solar

To reach a 100% clean energy future, it’s essential that our renewable energy projects are just and inclusive. 

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Community solar allows households to enroll in a local shared solar array and see savings on their electric bill, without any of the extra costs or installation problems introduced by putting it on a rooftop.

Still, a few key factors meant that many of the same households that were left out of rooftop solar were also excluded from community solar. One thing we noticed was that communities needed to be involved from the beginning of project development, not as an afterthought.

With that in mind, we are re-envisioning a model of community solar that empowers traditionally excluded communities and is entirely community-led. Through our work, Solstice and community partners will build solar projects that prioritizes community-specific values and provides opportunities for residents to build wealth. Solstice acts as a facilitator driving the development process forward by bringing together key stakeholders in the development of a solar project such as community groups, solar developers, financiers and policy makers. These projects will offer local, low-income households the opportunity to benefit from locally-produced, community-driven clean energy. Every aspect of this project will be decided on by a Community Advisory Board made up of local leaders with Solstice acting as a technical advisor.

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