Solstice Initiative is a nonprofit that revolutionizes the energy system by centering local leadership and ownership of clean energy projects, engaging in community-led policy advocacy, innovating the energy system, and sharing educational resources in traditionally excluded communities.

As the fossil fuel industry continues to exacerbate the climate crisis, frontline communities bear the brunt of its effects while spending a disproportionate share of household income on their utility bills.

Though rooftop solar is commonly considered a remedy to these systemic problems, 80% of Americans can’t access it because they do not own a home, have the right rooftop, or have the ability to finance it.

That’s why Solstice deploys community solar: an equitable solution to break fossil fuel dependence and decrease high energy costs, providing access to clean energy to anyone with an electric bill. Community solar enables households to subscribe to a portion of a solar farm in their community, allowing them to reap the benefits of local clean energy and monthly energy bill savings.

Solstice works at the nexus of clean energy and social justice to provide all households, regardless of race, ethnicity, income, homeownership status or other factors, access to clean energy through community-driven projects, research and innovation, clean energy education, and advocacy for inclusive clean energy policies. Together, we will make solar accessible to everyone. 

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Empowering traditionally excluded communities towards a just and inclusive clean energy transition.


Energy justice cannot be achieved without confronting racial injustice. We believe that the clean energy transition should be led by communities traditionally harmed by the fossil fuel industry as a means of justice.


We believe creativity, curiosity and adaptability are key to solving climate and racial justice issues. We are only going to solve these issues by pushing the boundaries of status quo thinking and creating innovative solutions that allow everyone to be involved in the clean energy transition.


We believe in an inclusive, collaborative environment to maintain respect, compassion, empathy and gratitude for those who we work with. We value a diversity of perspectives and center the expertise of traditionally excluded communities to ensure their voices lead.


In the fight against climate change, we must transition to a 100% clean energy system in a just and inclusive way. We reduce barriers in the energy system and connect traditionally excluded communities to renewable energy sources that enable them to take control and break their reliance on fossil fuels.


We must do what’s right, not what is easy in order to build trust and empower communities. We believe in people over profit. We believe in a transparent process and we hold ourselves accountable to communities not shareholders.

Our Story

Solstice was founded as a nonprofit by two women of color, Steph Speirs and Sandhya Murali, on the belief that every American household can be powered by affordable renewable energy.

Since our founding, Solstice has been a pioneer in research and innovation to expand access to clean energy to traditionally excluded communities. Early on in Solstice’s history, it was recognized that there was a need for a customer platform that prioritized customer experience and made signing up for community solar more streamlined so that more people could get access. At that point Solstice Power Technologies spun off from Solstice Initiative to focus on customer acquisition management because of a need to raise capital for a technology platform that could not be done at a non-profit. Solstice Initiative and Solstice Power Technologies still share a name, values, overall mission and an organizational culture that is rooted in equity and with a focus on low-income communities. Although how we achieve this mission is slightly different, being part of a hybrid organization helps us tackle the challenge of creating a just clean energy transition on multiple fronts, leveraging resources and creating a movement of energy justice in America.